Application Development

Microsoft Development

As a Microsoft Partner with competencies in Data Management Solutions and Custom Development Solutions, Spraxa has Microsoft Certified Technologists with a wide range of Microsoft technologies. Our Centre of Excellence has been designed to improve the experience of our clients and give them a new direction to work towards the better results. There are a number of services that it provides you. Below mentioned points will give you more details on that.

Spraxa ’s Microsoft Center of Excellence can help you:

  • Design and develop robust, scalable .NET applications
  • Develop web services using the .NET framework and the SOAP toolkit
  • Re-engineer applications to .NET from legacy systems
  • Migrate web and desktop applications to .NET
  • Manage application upgrades
  • Develop application interfaces (APIs)
  • Enable remote/mobile access to applications

Java Development

Java Enterprise Edition has evolved to become an industry standard for a number of applications where scalability and ease of administration are crucial requirements. And that is where Java has become so important. Java Enterprise Edition 6 provides the solution to all kinds of web applications and makes it easy how to leverage the technology in right manner to provide sustainable solutions. The innovative business component model that it has, helps the clients in more than one way.

Spraxa service offerings in Java technology span across architecture definition, assessment, application development & maintenance, business process integration and reengineering. The diversified role of this technology sets it apart from the rest and makes it so important for the clients. At the same time, care must be taken before implementing the solutions so that the requirements are met in the most efficient way.

We understand the value of quality and therefore we provide the top class solutions. That is why we have developed Spraxa ’s Java Center of Excellence (CoE) which takes care of the various aspects of our services. It helps in the design, development and deployment of enterprise class applications at reduced costs while still ensuring greater speed, security and reliability. It continuously evaluates new technologies and develop best in class solutions for our clients. Our Java CoE is an amalgamation of well-defined processes, tools and technologies that help developing solution for our clients’ rapidly evolving requirements.

The Java expertise at Spraxa is incorrigibly effective and provides the highest quality services that you can expect in the industry.

PHP/Opensource Development

We at Spraxa are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the clients’ experience in whatever way we can. PHP or open source based applications are quite helpful in that regard. The open source components consisting of the LAMP stack have been proven as a stable, secure and often better performing alternative to its commercial counterpart. LAMP being suitable for both simple as well as complex applications, is used by Spraxa in several projects. Spraxa ’s approach to development ensures the LAMP based solutions are designed to have a scalable architecture, faster response time customizability, and lower cost.

So, do not wait any longer and get in touch with us to have the top quality open source based solutions.

HTML5 Development

HTML5 is a powerful tool for all kinds of websites. It not only helps the web developers by providing them so many options to experiment and create an interesting website but at the same time it improves the end user experience. That way its impact is greater than one would expect. Supported by all major internet browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Fire Fox and Internet explorer, HTML5 gives you more opportunities to create excellent websites and hence make your web presence richer than ever before.

We at Spraxa have got all the resources to work on the latest technologies and applications that enhance the user experience and make things better for our clients. Having experience in implementing HTML5 and CSS3, we are committed to provide the customized solutions to every client based on their requirements. With HTML5 services, we can also enable your website to be compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Since the world is going mobile, there is no reason for you to stay back. That is why we suggest HTML5 to many clients, but again, it all depends on your requirements.

A lot of time is being spent by our experts in understanding the business aspects of our clients so that we can suggest the best solutions. We never compromise on quality and provide the excellent services each time we work with our clients. Having experience in implementing HTML5 and CSS3, Spraxa will provide you the world class websites that will boost your business significantly.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know about your requirements and we will be happy to help you.