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Consultancy / Custom Solutions

There are lot of solutions that do not fall under either desktop or web solutions. For example, at times, clients require us to help debug or optimize their existing solutions. There might be things that can be achieved by existing tools such as MS-Excel, MS-Access or even pure VBA scripting. At Spraxa, we are not tied up with specific technology and we do not believe in one-size-fits-all approach. Hence we deliver solutions in these different categories as well.

Some examples of such services are:

  • Code review/ Fixes for things such as SQL Injection, Security etc.
  • Installer creation (using InnoSetup/ Installshield etc.)
  • Server installation/ monitoring
  • Data recovery
  • Identification of solution
  • MS-Office based solutions (MS-Access/ MS-Excel) for small businesses
  • Help in integration
  • Creating libraries for other software houses