Technology Overview

Spraxa Solutions – with its reliable expertise in the Information Technology solutions, deploys cutting edge technology, in order to provide the most effective solutions to the clients. The key to any business solution is to understand the strategy, then plan accordingly and implement it with the latest tools and technologies. We at Sparxa understand this really well and serve our clients with best of the technological solutions.

Information Technology is the heart of today’s technology based business solutions. It has made it possible to implement the latest business trends while ensuring the simplicity in the operations, so that the end customers – professionals and business people can leverage it to simplify their day to day work. Sparxa is a pioneer in providing the Information Technology solutions and has consistently delivered the quality services to all the clients. Technology is our core strength and we keep striving for innovation to provide the best solution, each time.

Sparxa software solutions are built on a Core Foundation of Services, Technologies and Components. Our Core Technologies encompass the primary operating systems and platforms, application servers, databases, and development tools we use to build software solutions. These include commercial third-party products, as well as Sparxa’s proprietary technologies and software assets.

Sparxa has proven technical expertise in Mobile Application Development, Web And Desktop Application Development and Big Data

Sparxa provides significant expertise in Application Development utilizing the open standards platforms, including the Microsoft Application Development

Stack, Java Application Development Stack and Opensource / PHP platform.

Spraxa Solutions supports the following technologies:

Android Application Development:

Android has become such an important platform in the recent years that one cannot afford to ignore it. Being an open source OS created by Google, Android enjoys a lot of developer and community support. The reach of Android is tremendous and no matter where you go, you will find an Android phone in the hands of an individual. That creates a wonderful opportunity for you to leverage this platform to make an impact. And we know how to create that impact.

Sparxa is an end-to-end Android application development company providing android app development services at affordable cost and the best turnaround. We at Sparxa have a rich experience and the right resources to provide the top level Android applications which can serve your purpose well. If you are looking to have the best Android application for your business or other purpose, feel free to contact us and we will take it from thereon.

Android Tablet Application Development:

Not only the mobile phones but the tablet market is also expanding enormously. This has to be taken into account and therefore one cannot restrict themselves only to the mobile phone market while ignoring the tablet market completely. That is the reason we suggest our clients to have the right Android application for tablets, which can serve its purpose through a differentiated market.

iOS Development:

Both iPhone and iPad application is done on top of Objective C and is collectively called as iOS Application Development. Sparxa, as a premier iOS Application Development Company is committed to provide top quality iOS Applications. Our Expert team of iOS app Developers will help you through to fulfill your dream of a great iOS Application.

iPhone Application Development

As a leading iPhone application development company, we have dedicated team of iPhone app developer and programmers who can build iPhone app according to your needs. Our expert team of iPhone App developers and mobile app developers offer 3+ years of varied experience in Apple iPhone development. Please fill the form on the right to contact us for hiring an iPhone developer or a team of iPhone developers.

iPad Application Development:

Owing to its similarity with the iPhone, the teams of iPad Development at Sparxa are well trained to develop custom iPad Tablet Application. The team is well acquainted with developing iPad applications utilizing the widescreen and other usability aspects of iPad. Kindly contact us to know more about it.

HTML5 Mobile Application Development:

Sparxa has been actively following the HTML5 development since its inception and have hands on experience build several universal mobile and web applications. HTML5 is the ubiquitous platform for the web. Whether you’re a mobile company, an enterprise with specific business needs, or a serious game development company looking to explore the web/mobile as a new platform, HTML5 has something for you! HTML5 provides a superior and cost effective method for driving the mobile and web strategy by paving way for universal mobile and web applications

Universal Mobile Application Development:

Mobile developers at Sparxa are expert at using mobile development frameworks such as jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch etc coupled with Phonegap, Appcelerator Titanum etc for developing high end universal mobile applications. If you are looking for a mobile developer or a team of developers, we would like to help you and provide the top quality services that can deliver the top quality results to your business.

Windows Mobile Application Development

Big Data

Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured. The growth in data is due to the increase in volume, velocity and variety of data that we are getting today. While dealing with big data, there are a number of challenges that arise. First of all, it is important to categorize the data into structured or unstructured. Then only one can go ahead with the analysis. Similarly, it is important to understand the variability and complexity of data that one is having. These questions may sound fundamental, but they often create a lot of troubles for anyone who is dealing with them. We at Sparxa provide the most effective solutions to leverage big data to make the best out of it.

Below points will help you understand how our solutions will enable you to deal with these challenges:

  • Optimize the solutions so that you don’t have to figure out it all by yourself thereby saving your resources and time.
  • Determine the root cause of the problem, which helps in finding the most sustainable solutions. Big data challenges cannot be overcome if you do not find the root of the problem.
  • No matter how big your data is, there is always only a small part of it that matters. We help you to identify that and work accordingly.
  • Our analytics is extremely powerful and offers foolproof solutions. That way you get the best out of big data.
  • Our technology is very advanced and at the same time, powerful enough to implement the solutions for big data.
  • We focus on the quality of deliverables and therefore work consistently towards the solutions. The big data challenges encourage us to work harder.